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Re: Clinton/Obama Debate Ohio Opening Remarks Hillary Attacks


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    On the SoCon indoctrination schloos, (I really don’t think we are talking about the same people) you yourself admitted that that was a previous generation and you somehow want to blame the son for the sins of the father. I know religious kooks, and religious kooks will behave… well… Kooky. They try to indoctrinate everybody, fortunately I think the danger of them wielding the power of government is long past. Now we have kooky athiest/NewAge/Gai-worshippers/Communists etc. running government to worry about. Christian religious kooks are mostly just very annoying, but the other guys are historically deadly. Oh, and I agree with you about the 4th amendment violations. That’s bullshit. David

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    My point about the media is that IT is the branch of gonnermevt we need to take first, not that the situations is helpless and we should just live with it. Rather than argue about this or that tangental effect, we shouldacknowledge the primary cause of defeat and figure out ways to take it out. David

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