Republican Walk Out

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republican walk out

Planned GOP Walk Out On Budget Cuts?

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    Dear Bill, Love the scarves, But now to the qsoetiun at hand, A few years ago i was hurt, Neck and shoulder surgeries, and now no one will hire me, i walk everyday looking for a job, Lost my bussiness, car, and house, but i go everyday and look for a job, My sister who has had 5 heart surgeries ,still works everyday. We were raised in a generation to take care of our family, I was a single mother, raised my kids, a few that were not mine ,took care of my mom, and grandparents, and now two special needs grandchildren, I do get 600 a month disibility, If i was a man would be more, (check that story out ?????), Anyway that 2000.00 would allow my sister to help me get a car, I could pay her 50.00 a month, that i make cleaning for my 84 year old neighbor, The system is really harmful to people that do the right thing and try to make this country a better place, God Bless you for all you do, And Happy holidays, Sincerly K. Johnson, Hilliard, Fl.

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