Republican Thoughts On Immigration

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republican thoughts on immigration

John McCain – On Immigration Reform

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    I am a little anenyod by the whole mayhem because i dont understand why its such a big deal in the first place. I think the Cordoba House, is an opportunity for those insecure, narrow minded Americans to see what actually goes on in a muslim community service. The myths of bomb plotting or building a terrorist army would soon be wiped out, since like any other religion its a place for congregational gathering the only difference is Muslims take a great deal of pride in their belief.I think the protestors will continue regardless, i just want to know would such havoc be caused if it were a Synagogue, Church or Temple being built on site??? What gets forgotten that the poor civilians that were killed/affected in the 9/11 were not just Christians but Muslims, Jews, Hindus and people of many other faiths/religon. So the attack should not be regarded as a religious attack, i think the very poorly educated Americans need to be reminded this once in a while. The worst thing then to follow is that Barack Obama is now accused by a minority of American citizens of being muslim i mean come on how shallow can you go? Just because he is advocating or allowing this house to be built, people are judging him already..whats the big deal if he was muslim anyway???

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