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This week in the War on Voting: Democrats fight back (Daily Kos)

From the report “A reversal in progress: Restricting voting rights for
electoral gain”

Yes, Democrats are taking the war on voting seriously. On Thursday, Democrats
launched a national voter protection program, pushing back on the new laws
introduced and passed by Republican legislatures in dozens of states to
disenfranchise key Democratic constituencies. A new Web site, Protecting the
Vote, will help activists and would-be voters stay connected with voting
rights efforts and learn how to register to vote. The site also features a
report [pdf] from the Voting Rights Institute detailing infringements on voter
rights. In it’s foreward, Donna Brazile writes

> While I was serving as the manager of Vice President Al Gore’s campaign, my
sister, a Florida resident, was a target of voter suppression. When she went
to vote, poll workers asked her—unnecessarily and illegally—for multiple forms
of ID and proof of residency. That winter, after the Supreme Court decided our
election, many of us vowed never to see such injustice repeated.


> As we enter the 2012 election year, I fear we are dangerously close to going
back on that promise. As the Voting Rights Institute of the Democratic
National Committee demonstrates in the …

Daily Kos

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