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Funny Quote By GOP Leader


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    It’s teilbrre when It’s teilbrre when people actually think politicans care about the working class.For god sakes capitalism is run on profit motive, not on human need, the garbage system can’t even ensure full employment and continually goes into depressions.Globally, this crisis is worse than the great depression. Let’s get real, Obama can say change’ and hope’ as much as he wants, but he’s proven to be a worthless war monger like all presidents before him.The war on terror is bullshit. Was this answer helpful?

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    Its tirreble when Its tirreble when people in foreclosure or for other reasons come to the realization or opinion that none of the politicians are really trying to help them Was this answer helpful?

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    I do not know who is behind this website.

    For information and views of the National Black Republican Association, visit:

    Frances Rice
    National Black Republican Association

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