Republican Is Red

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republican is red

McCotter on Fox News Red Eye Discussing Republican Party Principles, Not Rush Limbaugh Distraction

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    “I always vote Libertarian but that seems prtety pointless.”Pretty soon people will be saying “I always vote Republican but that seems prtety pointless.” You’re getting a one party state whether you like it or not. Hell, we don’t have more than a one-and-a-half party state now. I personally quit voting when the Republicans ran Bob “The Mummy” Dole in ’96. It made perfectly clear what had been obvious for decades: the Republican Party and establishment Conservatism are nothing more than a telemarketing scheme, nothing more than shills for the country club set. The tragedy of Western Civilization was that these shysters were its main defense during the final debacle. “And with that, the party of Nixon and Reagan, who won with massive landslide victories”They may have won victories but they were the same sort of con men and back stabbers as those who run the party today. ‘Twas Nixon who shoehorned in all sorts of “affirmative action” policies and it was Reagan that signed the first amnesty and set off the flood that guaranteed the death of the nation. They were basically selling their white constituents to the Liberal slavers even then. These people aren’t stupid, they could read the trends as well or better than anybody here, they really don’t care about the vast majority of their voters, the nation, or those alleged principles that don’t put money in their pockets.

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