Republican Against Obama

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republican against obama

Joe The Plumber Defended By Blacks Against Obama (Miami, Fl)

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    and what a liberal scisaliot sheep says. He sounds almost exactly like Kay Hagen. No mention of entitlement benefits for illegal aliens, our continuing deficit spending, and fighting against big government. What I get from Burr’s statement, is the 1% is evil and must be brought down! Just like Hussein Obama said during his campaign! Burr also says he has “protected” us by voting yes. No thanks. I don’t need your protection. That’s not why you’re there my RINO friend. If you really cared about “protecting” us middle class members, then it seems strange you waited until the last hour of the year to pass something like this! What a dolt.Many in Watauga County got a dose of Burr’s liberalism during the Blowing Rock land grab. Burr chose government over the people every step of the way. He did it again last night. Burr is a RINO liberal. Vote him out.Your ole palJohnny Rico

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