Recent Republican Success

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recent republican success

Lance appalled at McHenry endangering soldiers in Iraq


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    Priorities that I know the American people want from their canaddite and what he/she are going to do about it:1. What are you going to do about climate change.2. When are we going to get rid of oil and start using alternative fuels like biodeisel, hidrogen, ethenol, solar, wind, electric (and I mean tesla electric pattents held by Westinghouse)3. When will we leave Iraq?4. Will you stand behind stem cell, not pfizer?5. Take action against illegal aliens breaking the law, and giving our boarders the right to protect our soveriegnty.6. Protect the “American people’s” interest 7. Get rid of the Patriot Act which, does not protect the people’s right to be free by spying on them8. Admit when you are wrong before the press chews you up, because the more intelligent Americans that understand the mainstream press are puppets and propaga peddlers, but your average Americans believe what the news tells them, even if it does have an opinion, which it should’nt.9. Use Youtube to campaign and get ideas, because this is the best link you will have with your people, and special interest groups only want what is best for them and their wallets. If you are such a canaddite your people will help you get to where you can help them make a difference.10. This is what I tell my own children. If it feels wrong, it is wrong. Use your best uncorrupted judgement. Don’t be afraid to tell the truth even in the face of adversity. Becoming the president of the United states of America carries with it a heavy burden, but if you have the people behind you to pool ideas and come up with solutions, we can not fail, “Country before self”. All great empires have fallen due to greed. We can not let this happen. “Duty, honor, integrity, and loyalty”. These should be foremost in your mind when charged with taking care of the Amerian people.

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